Modern, digital thermostats boast a wide range of features that make indoor comfort more convenient than ever before! Consider a few of the available options below:

7-Day Programming

Programming can save money because you don’t have to remember to turn the thermostat down when you leave for work, or go to bed. Some stats are easier to program than others, so talk to your HVAC contractor about which they recommend and why.

Auto-Adjusting Comfort

Thermostats like the Nest® Learning Thermostat or the Honeywell Lyric® will auto-adjust comfort based on whether people are at home. The Nest has a motion detection sensor while the Lyric monitors smart phones. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages.

Smart Phone & Wireless Access

Many leading thermostats allow control of the thermostat from your phone. Okay people, now we’re talking convenience! The Honeywell Lyric even allows you to save “comfort profiles” for quickly telling your HVAC system what you want it to do.

There are many more features than this! It’s important to get the right thermostat for your specific system. Talk to an HVAC contractor who is current on HVAC products to find the right stat for your home.

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A Few Popular Thermostats