Packaged HVAC Systems

The normal design of a residential heating and air conditioning system is called a split system. That’s because the air conditioner or heat pump is located outside the home, and the remaining equipment is located inside the home. Sometimes however, indoor space constraints make the indoor equipment not possible. For these scenarios, packaged systems can be used.

A packaged HVAC system contains everything into a single footprint installation that is located outside either on the roof, or a cement slab in the yard. Packaged systems come as gas, electric, gas/electric and hybrid configurations.

If you’re wondering why anyone would use a split system when everything can be located outside, that’s a logical question. The reason split systems are used is because they’re much more efficient than packaged systems, and they also last a lot longer than a packaged system will last.

Talk to your HVAC contractor about what’s right for your home. Split systems are the ideal scenario, but if split isn’t possible, packaged heating and air conditioning can be the answer.

Packaged HVAC Systems
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