Indoor Air Quality

Like it or not, your home air could be very polluted. Even if your home is spotless and clean, your air could be the complete opposite. There are many things you can do to address indoor air quality concerns, from moving to all organic and natural products (cleaners, beds, carpets, paints) to implementing indoor air quality products, or all of the above.

How Does Indoor Air Become Polluted

Most homeowners are not aware of the off gassing happening in their homes. New beds, furniture, floors, carpets, household cleaners and air fresheners (yes, Febreeze is toxic) can pollute the air by releasing toxins from the chemicals they are made with. Even candles can be toxic, unless they’re 100% natural. Oh, and that favorite cologne? You guessed it. Don’t believe us? Even the EPA talks about it… these toxins are called VOCs, and that stands for volatile organic compounds. Other contaminants also make their way into your air. Mold spores, dander, allergens, bacteria, viruses…the list continues.

What’s the Answer?

So what’s the answer? Indoor air quality producs from your local HVAC contractor are a great start. IAQ products are not really mutually exclusive. They work together  to purify, protect and refresh the air your family breathes each day. At Find an HVAC Dealer, we heartily recommend you ask your HVAC contractor about IAQ equipment. It can make a big difference in the health of your home.

Indoor Air Quality
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