Hydronic Furnace

Not many HVAC contractors are installing these systems compared to typical gas and electric. However, a hydronic furnace is a solid option for heating your home that makes a normal gas heater an unneeded piece of equipment.

Not to be confused with a radiant heating system, a hydronic heating configuration uses a special furnace, and a water heater to do the job that a normal gas furnace or heat pump does during the Winter season.

First, a brief overview of how a normal split system works when providing warm air for your home: the gas furnace ignites a flame which is used to heat a metal heat exchanger. The fan motor then pulls air from the home via the return air duct, and forces this air through the now hot heat exchanger. This then warms the air before it is forced back into the home via ductwork.

With hydronic heating, the hydronic furnace still has the typical fan motor for moving air, but instead of a heat exchanger it has a coil system used to hold hot water sent from a tankless water heater. The hot water fills the coils, and cool indoor air is forced through the hot system.

The hydronic heating approach to keeping your home warm can be more efficient as well as not drying out the air in your home as much as a normal gas heater configuration does. Plus you have one source for providing your home with heat and hot water, and only one gas line to worry about.

Rheem Hydronic & Tankless Heating

With Rheem’s Tankless Heating System, a tankless water heater is paired with the new Rheem hydronic furnace to deliver comfortable, efficient heat to your entire home. They boast increased efficiency with a domestic hot water priority system. Find An HVAC Dealer is not affiliated with Rheem, but we like to feature leading manufactures who provide solutions for the product information we present on our site.

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Hydronic Furnace

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