September 19, 2014
Efficiency Heating & Cooling

At Find an HVAC Dealer we’re all about quality HVAC contractors. Other directories online just pack in any company that wants to be listed. Why? Because these directories are just after cash from Ads, etc. We differ in that we reject contractors who have bad reviews, lack qualifications, etc.

However, even though we have a directory of great companies, sometimes a contractor really stands out. Efficiency Heating and Cooling is one such contractor. In fact, we’ll go on record as saying they’re the best contractor in the entire Portland area. Why? Because they’re not just skilled, but honest. This company goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are not satisfied, but happy.

For example, read the review below, it’s one of their latest reviews on Google:

“Let me just say, for all of our future heating and cooling issues, the ONLY company my husband and I will be calling in the future is Efficiency Heating & Cooling. When I first called the company, I was treated as a valued customer (even though I wasn’t yet a customer) and the representative was very professional and pleasant over the phone… During the service, our filter grille broke due to wear and tear, but the company offered to fix it at no additional charge! Efficiency Heating & Cooling went above and beyond to provide superior customer service. I just can’t express enough how wonderful and easy it was to do business with this company. Although it may sound naive, I feel after my experience with Efficiency Heating & Cooling, this is truly a business who deals with honesty, morals, and ethics when it comes to serving their customers. This is rare in today’s society. I only wish all the businesses I dealt with were as honest and customer-focused as Efficiency Heating & Cooling. Thank you so much!” — Michelle Moran

Matt Rohman - Efficiency Heating and Cooling

Matt Rohman is the owner of Efficiency Heating and Cooling. We’ve spoken to him multiple times, and are always impressed with his gratitude, honesty and positive nature. If any of us at Find an HVAC Dealer lived in Portland, we’d know exactly who to call for all home comfort needs.

Efficiency Heating and Cooling offers the following services:

  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Oil to Gas Conversions
  • Residential and Commercial Repair
  • Residential and Commercial Design/Installation
  • Commercial Retrofit
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

If you’re reading this, and you’re in the Portland area, you shouldn’t call anyone else for heating and air conditioning needs. I’d send my grandma to these guys. Call Matt Rohman and tell him Find and HVAC Dealer said he was the best.

Efficiency Heating & Cooling

4040 SE International Way Suite E105

Milwaukie, OR 97222

Phone: (503) 698-5588

View their site at Portland Heating and Air Conditioning

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Efficiency Heating & Cooling
September 19, 2014 by hvacwebsite

At Find an HVAC Dealer we’re all about quality HVAC contractors. Other directories online just pack in any company that wants to be listed. Why? Because these directories are … Continued