Air Conditioner Security Cage

Breaking Bad is now Breaking A/C. Inside an air conditioner there are long coils of copper used to contain refrigerant. Thieves are literally gutting expensive air conditioners for a bit of scrap metal. For example, the New York Times reported on a church in Houston that had $60,000 worth of damage done to their air conditioners for a total of $400 in scrap metal. Do you think they are looking into an air conditioner security cage? Most likely.

Is GPS a solution?

We say no. Why? Thieves aren’t moving the unit. Even if you have electronics that can alert the police on a power disconnect on your A/C, the police are not going to get there in time, unless you live somewhere like Beverly Hills, CA! Plus, GPS so have monthly satellite fees.

Is it getting worse?

Yes. As of April 2013, Yuba City in Northern California reports over $20,000 of air conditioner theft in the first four months of the year. The crimes happened at homes, businesses and a church: California A/C theft. The need for an air conditioner security cage is affecting every type of building.

What’s the solution?

The answer is an air conditioner security cage. These are one of the best deterrents to air conditioner theft, besides maybe five dobermans, but then you have to feed those. An air conditioner security cage can be purchased for $200 – $1000. A thief will not risk attempting to break through a cage to make a hundred bucks.

Air Conditioner Security Cage

Property Armor® — from their website…

Our company is family owned and has been in business since 2003. We started as an HVAC manufacturing facility in a small one car garage in North Florida. We assembled a team that had experience in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Installation, giving us the unique advantage of being able to develop new concepts, have them tested in the real world, make necessary adjustments, then offer products with the confidence of knowing they meet the quality and demand of our customers. We still have much of that same team today.

As our Property Armor brand continued to grow, we had to isolate them from our mainline products due to increased volume. Before long, we had to develop a separate web presence to focus on the Property Armor brand. After we launched the Property Armor website, it had rapidly become more popular and recognizable than Hapco (Heating and Air Products Company), our corporate name. In January 2010, we decided to adopt the corporate d.b.a. Property Armor and would operate under that name moving forward.

As we continue to grow and add product lines, we still maintain our original focus of offering our customers great products and the best customer service in the industry. It’s this simple dedication that makes us different from our competition.

Visit their site at

The Pro Series- Air Conditioner Security Cage

The Pro Series

The Pro Series features Angle Iron and Expanded Metal. This is our Most Popular Air Conditioner Cage and is a favorite for Housing Authorities and Municipal Applications. This model offers options such as Access Gates and Tilt Forward Design. In addition to the Security Benefits, this model also helps Protect the unit from Leaves, Debris, and Vandalism.

The Standard Series- Air Conditioner Security Cage

The Standard Series

The Standard Series offers the design that most people think of initially when considering an Air Conditioner Cage. These models are constructed of square tubing and are the most recognizable A/C cage. This style is popular due to the simple design and affordable price. These Models can be fastened to a Concrete Pad or Anchored in the Ground.

The Adjustable Series- Air Conditioner Security Cage

The Adjustable Series

This series accommodate a variety of applications without having to wait for cage to be fabricated. These A/C Cages can be shipped UPS and are very compact, making them easy to stock and transport to the job site. Countless hours of research and development have gone into this intelligent design, and it is engineered to be as strong as a non adjustable cage once fully assembled.

The Budget Series- Air Conditioner Security Cage

The Budget Series

The Budget Series are low cost models that help protect your investments with simple designs and minimal options. These cages serve as a visual deterrent but can put up a fight if tested. They can be anchored n the Ground or Fastened to a Concrete Pad.

Property Armor® is a Jacksonville, FL based company who manufactures excellent air conditioner security cages. They were formerly known as Hapco (heating and air products), but due to the success of their air conditioner security cages, they adopted the new d.b.a. of Property Armor. As always, we are not partnered with Property Armor or any equipment manufacturer. At Find an HVAC Dealer we show the brands we feel like showing!

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