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No one pays us to be listed. Get instant FREE access to hand picked HVAC contractors. It's that simple.
Finally somebody did it: An air conditioning contractor locator dedicated to the best - NOT to who can pay.
The #1 HVAC Dealer Locator
Why are we number one? No dealer pays us a dime to be listed. We list who we want...we list the best. We are independent of the control of manufacturers.
Can Any Dealer Be Listed?
No. We only accept three heating companies per city, and they must have legitimate HVAC industry certifications. We list the elite.
Who Are We?
A small team in Southern California who has worked closely with major manufacturers, distributors and dealers for over 10 years.
Why Manufacturer Certifications Matter
Modern heating and air conditioning systems are state-of-the-art and must be designed, sized and installed by a professional. Trust us on this, as we hear stories of homeowners who hire a moon-lighting handyman to do their HVAC installation. The result often costs those same homeowners hundreds and even thousands of dollars to fix.

Trusting a company who has manufacturer credentials will typically mean the company has had to prove levels of expertise. This helps ensure your money is being invested wisely.

We only list an HVAC contractor who is certified by a manufacturer, and we favor those who have elevated manufacturer credentials along with industry certs like NATE, ACCA and IGSHPA.
The Downside of Online Reviews
Many heating and air conditioning companies are using marketing companies or friends and family to add glowing testimonials for them. Forbes® has reported that Yelp® is filtering reviews based on whether a company is advertising with them or not.
It's Time To Get Started
We encourage you to get up to speed on the latest indoor comfort control technology, and take advantage of our HVAC dealer locator to start your search for a great contractor. The more you know, and the more research you do, the better your changes of hooking up with a truly exceptional HVAC contractor!
The following manufacturers are represented by HVAC contractors listed on our site.
And many more! Start your search today.
Finally somebody did it! Welcome to the HVAC contractor directory where nobody pays to be listed. We're not owned by any manufacturer, so we are not forced to consider only certain types of dealers.

Our criteria for listing a contractor revolves around quality. We looks at reviews, certifications and solutions offered. Our goal is to list top-quality contractors in each area -- and it's all 100% free.

Learn About Indoor Comfort Control

Home Depot Service Provider

Home Depot Authorized Service Provider

Research is a pain, but it can save thousands of dollars -- not always in price, but in quality. Trust us on that. One way to aid in research is with the Home Depot Authorized Service Provider program. They partner with quality contractors, and back the work performed.
Air Balancing

Air Balancing

An air balance can determine if your heating and air conditioning systems is operating efficiently, and help perform needed tuning to ensure that consistent comfort is delivered to every room.
Carrier Infinity

Carrier® Infinity®

We are not partnered with any manufacturer. This allows us to comment at will on equipment that we think is unique, best-of-breed or just crazy innovative. The Carrier Infinity equipment line is a best-of-breed indoor comfort solution that's worth a look if you can part with the cash.
Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

From the inventor of the iPod® comes the Nest Learning Thermostat that auto adjusts to your life in order to keep you more comfortable, and save money on utility bills.
Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal Heat Pump

Are you interested in high efficiency indoor comfort control? A geothermal heat pump has been called one of the greenest ways to heat and cool your home.
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